Problems walking your dog?

dog pulling on the leash

Problems walking with the dog on leash are very common. Walking your dog should be a pleasant activity for you and your dog. But it often isn’t. This is because your dog learns that pulling he is eventually gets what he wants. And also because you are not very interesting to your dog. He probably gets excited by some other stimulus: other dogs, birds, por example.

Instead he has to learn to learn how to walk without pulling.

Look at this funny video to be inspired. Dogs are walking other dogs easily and smoothly.

And here are some simple and useful advices.

Advices to get the right control over pulling and stop having problems walking

  1. Use a long leash
  2. Don’t pull the leash yourself
  3. Start reward as soon as you put the leash on
  4. Keep your dog attention on you – carrying a ball or showing a treat
  5. Reward if your dog is not pulling
  6. Stop if the dog starts pulling
  7. Walk only when there is no tension
  8. Change direction if the dog starts pulling
  9. Reward any time there is no tension

You can also teach the command «on my side» or using any other word that indicates when the dog is walking near to you.

You can achieve this reinforcing with a treat any time the dog is right in the position you want.

To get results faster you can use the clicker method.

To solve the problems walking your dog on the leash, you should practice all the above every time you go out with your dog.

Problems walking dogs on leashRemember to be patient and first of all consistent. Every time you walk the dog, you have to follow these rules. And every member of the family has to be involved in this way of walking the dog. Otherwise it will take a long time to change the habit or it will never improve. Problems walking your dog relies on you and your capacity to manage the situation.